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On Demand Cyber Security Operations Centre as a Service

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Fully Elastic, On Demand, Security Operations Centre, as a Service.

In today’s world of ”always-on” technology and insufficient security awareness on the part of users, cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of “if” but “when.”

We live in an age where information security prevention is not an option, but a necessity. Point solutions (antivirus, IDS, IPS, patching and encryption, etc.) remain a key control for combatting today’s known attacks; however, they become less effective over time as hackers find new ways to circumvent controls.

Preparing for known attacks is hard enough. But how do organisations build controls for the security risks they don’t even know about yet? Rather than waiting for the threats to come to them, organisations are utilizing Layer 8 Security services to prioritize efforts that enhance visibility and enable a proactive response through monitoring, analytics and prompt detection.

Organizations may not be able to control when information security incidents occur, but they can control how they respond to them. Expanding detection capabilities is the key place to start. A well-functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) can form the heart of effective detection. It can enable information security functions to respond faster, work more collaboratively and share knowledge more effectively.

Building and maintaining an effective in-house 24x7x365 information security management system can become a costly, resource-heavy exercise.

Attempting to maintain best-practice security in-house can lead to costly security incidents, access issues, delayed detection and response and personnel strain.



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